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Injection Snoreplasty


Injection snoreplasty is a new office procedure for snoring. It is relatively painless and less expensive than previous procedures. The mechanism of snore reduction is produced by using an injectable sclerosing agent to promote scar tissue at the palate, stiffening it, and diminishing the "flutter" noise of snoring.

Initial Evaluation Visit

A complete ENT exam of the upper airway is a necessary first step in deciding whether the procedure is right for you. Sleep-disordered breathing may have components other than snoring, and it is necessary to distinguish a sleep apnea condition by means of the initial ENT evaluation. Therefore, objective evidence and accurate localization of the snoring can be discussed with you prior to Injection Snoreplasty treatment. No studies have yet been done to determine if injection snoreplasty is a beneficial treatment for sleep apnea conditions.

Consent Form

The injection snoreplasty procedure is new, and a consent form will be required to be signed prior to this procedure. Please read it carefully. Certain medical conditions are currently considered to be contraindications in the application of this sclerosing injectable solution

Evaluation and Cost of this Treatment

  1. An initial comprehensive ENT evaluation is necessary for your sleep disorder problem. This is covered by insurance.
  2. Injection snoreplasty cost is $300.00 for each treatment. Possibly, two treatments will be necessary. Insurance will not cover this treatment. We request payment for the injection snoreplasty treatment on the same day of the procedure. The injection snoreplasty procedure is useful in the treatment of snoring. Since the injection procedure is so new, no studies have yet been done to determine whether the injection technique will have any beneficial effect on sleep apnea.
  3. There are no office charges during the thirty days after each injection treatment. Thereafter, there is a usual "established patient" follow-up office visit fee.

Procedure and Expectations

The procedure is done in the office. Allow 30 minutes. The doctor will use a topical anesthesia to numb the back of the throat. A small amount of sclerosing fluid is injected in the palate at the base of the uvula.
Injectoin Snoreplasty
There will be a minor sore throat at the roof of the mouth at the site of the injection. Some patients may take longer than others to feel relief from this injection. There are no voice or dietary changes. The palate and/or uvula will feel swollen for a while. Pain medications may be ordered after the procedure. Patients may return to work or home the same day. Snoring improvement may not be noticeable immediately because it takes time for the palate tissue to scar and contract, thereby reducing the vibration causing the sound.