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Phonak Audeo Q90 Testimonial

The following testimonial is from a retired physician recently fit for Phonak Audeo Q90 hearing aids.

They are working SO GREAT I am in fear they will not always work this good! With my old ones it was always a wonder in the morning if they would come on correctly - especially the left one.

Seriously I am truly amazed at how the new ones work.

  1. In 48 hours I have not once asked my wife to repeat something she said to me!
  2. I have enjoyed watching TV again - in fact, I was hearing it perfectly well at 8-10 feet away and she asked me to turn it up a little!
  3. Thursday I had a conference with a mumbling lawyer who in the past I have had to strain to catch what he was saying. - this time I heard him without any problems. The real test will come in the court room as I still do some testimony and depositions. (I am tempted to sneak into a case and sit in the audience and see how they work!)

It is an adjustment to hear some of the sounds I never heard before - such as the clicking of the keyboard keys as I type this.

I have already made a referral to you - for you to evaluate him and maybe try these with him.

Robert Blake, MD, Gastonia NC