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Patient Education

ENT Carolina's patient education library is a good source information. Click on a topic below to learn more about your health interest. You may also choose from the text links to the left to learn view the topics.  The information provided here is a public service for general educational purposes and should not replace a full, professional medical evaluation for specific medical issues.  We do not address medical inquires via email. 

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Injection Snoreplasty
5 Minute Hearing Test Allergies & Hay Fever Doctor, why do they pop?  Ears & Altitude What is Bell's Palsy? Earche & Otitis Media Cholesteatoma: A Serious Ear Condition Hoareness Prevention & Treatment Tips Fever Blisters and Canker Sores SINUS: Pain, Pressure, Drainage Salivary Glands: What's Normal, What's Abnormal? Meniere's Disease Doctor, what is a Cochlear Implant? Earwax: What to do about it? Head & Neck Cancer What is Bell's Palsy? Is My Baby's Hearing Normal? Doctor, why do they pop?  Ears & Altitude Antihistamines, Decongestants & 5 Minute Hearing Test Why do we fall? Smokeless Tobacco Secondhand Smoke Your Thyroid Gland What is an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist? Noise, Ears & Hearing Protection Nose Bleeds Perforated Eardrum Post-Nasal Drip Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Hoareness Prevention & Treatment Tips Know The Score On Facial Sports Injuries Cholesteatoma: A Serious Ear Condition What You Can Do For Dizziness & Motion Sickness Earche & Otitis Media Earwax: What to do about it? What is Bell's Palsy? Tonsils & Adenoids Swallowing Disorders Doctor, what causes the noise in my ears? What is TMJ?

We also offer a link to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Health Information site. This website has a wealth of information on a wide range of ear, nose and throat related conditons and topics.