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Patient Testimonials

Hear what our patients have to say about Balloon Sinuplasty.

ENT Carolina patients share their experiences with you.

Recent Testimonials
Testimonials from patients of ENT Carolina

The following testimonial is from a retired physician recently fit for Phonak Audeo Q90 hearing aids.

They are working SO GREAT I am in fear they will not always work this good! With my old ones it was always a wonder in the morning if they would come on correctly - especially the left one.

Seriously I am truly amazed at how the new ones work.

  1. In 48 hours I have not once asked my wife to repeat something she said to me!
  2. I have enjoyed watching TV again - in fact, I was hearing it perfectly well at 8-10 feet away and she asked me to turn it up a little!
  3. Thursday I had a conference with a mumbling lawyer who in the past I have had to strain to catch what he was saying. - this time I heard him without any problems. The real test will come in the court room as I still do some testimony and depositions. (I am tempted to sneak into a case and sit in the audience and see how they work!)

It is an adjustment to hear some of the sounds I never heard before - such as the clicking of the keyboard keys as I type this.

I have already made a referral to you - for you to evaluate him and maybe try these with him.

Robert Blake, MD, Gastonia NC

Ms. Lynch initially came to us for another reason, but was referred to one of the audiologists because of her hearing loss. She has been wearing her Phonak S-Smart IXs for 3 years and is very satisfied with them. She had this to say about them:

"I work in customer service and couldn't hear my customers. I had to keep asking them to repeat themselves. Now I don't have that problem. And I can hear at the movies and don't have to ask for clarification of the dialogue. I can even hear people behind me!"

J. Lynch